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Hi, everyone! My name is Guangyi Zhang (张广怡).

I earned my Bachelor degree from South China University of Technology (华南理工大学), majoring in Software Engineering, in 2015.

After gradation, I worked as a back-end developer (security), and later as a NLP research assistant in Tencent (腾讯).

Understanding human language through statistic is a lot of fun, which leads me to my higher Master degree at Machine Learning & Data Mining in Aalto University (阿尔托大学), Finland. I am about to start the study on September 2017.

Wish someday I would combine technology with business models, making information more accessible to everyone.

Apart from the geek stuff, I also love to read books about pyschology, economics, society, and etc. To sum up, I enjoy learning very much.

Nice to meet you <3

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Email: guangyizhang.jan@gmail.com

My WeChat Public Account (微信公众号): janfan_

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