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Vim-spf13 Distribution and MacVim


I have been using Vim for over one year, but I still don’t get the hang of configuring and managing it well.

vim-spf13 is a kind of vim distribution, integrating many popular plugins and setting up neat and well-commented vim scripts for you. Althought it does take some time to learn some of it’s usages, but definitely it will be worth your while.


To install it on OS X, run

curl https://j.mp/spf13-vim3 -L > spf13-vim.sh && sh spf13-vim.sh

It will save your old .vimrc and .vim to the same directory with timestamp as their suffix, and take care of every else for you.

For more surprises, go to it’s github website: vim-spf13.


Because the color scheme and air-line plugin of vim are not compatible with original Terminal app in OS X, we’d better use another GUI vim - MacVim.

For many people who are not familiar with air-line, a status bar plugin for vim, or confused with the usage of buffer and tab in vim, I will recommend this article for you vim-tab-madness-buffers-vs-tabs.

Install MacVim with brew

brew is a must-have package manager in OS X.

Now, type the following in a new terminal:

$ mvim

You will have the so-called ultimate vim in your hand.



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